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Founders to Go the Extra Mile.

Powering Growth,

One Venture

at a Time.


Ventures, established in 2022, has quickly risen to prominence with a 6-7 million SEK turnover under 2023. Specializing in white nicotine pouches and vape products, it's a leading name in the industry.



Allianskraft i Sverige AB, a membership organization for cleaning companies, has experienced significant growth recently. With 173 member companies, the organization generates revenue through membership fees, supporting its ongoing expansion.



Membership Organization, a wholesale business specializing in nicotine products, has experienced a surge in demand. In their first year, they are projected to generate approximately 4-6 million SEK in turnover.


NG Group



Startrend Capital AB operates as a trading platform, utilizing its proprietary algorithm to optimize cryptocurrency trading and generate returns for its clients. The company is projected to achieve approximately 1 million SEK in trading volume in 2023.



Crypto, established in 2023, focuses on white nicotine pouches and vape products in the European market. With plans to expand into 20 European countries in the near future, with a 4-5 million SEK turnover under 2023



All about



We don't believe in building the world's largest company; we believe in cultivating specialists. Our mission at Mothership is to empower our ventures to become leaders in their respective markets by offering unique advantages over competitors.

At Mothership, we invest in entrepreneurs who have the courage to build the most profitable businesses of the future. We are continually searching for markets with untapped potential, where innovation has yet to reach its peak. We respect the entrepreneurial journey and understand the importance of a strong foundation for business development; we've been in the founder's shoes ourselves.

Think of us as a room filled with individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, spanning the spectrum from startups to large corporations. Regardless of the industry, we have assembled methods and knowledge that we apply daily to transform good ideas into remarkable businesses.

Our goal is to challenge ourselves every day, aiming for continuous improvement in turning good ideas into successful ventures. We push ourselves to establish processes that compress time, increase speed, and enhance decision-making for quicker results.

Venture Studio

Business Model


Venture studios are designed to accelerate the process of building a company, thereby reducing the risk profile for entrepreneurs and investors.

Unlike startup accelerators and incubators, which primarily offer funding and mentorship, venture studios function as both builders and co-founders.

Typically, venture studios provide a range of internal and external resources, including marketers, sales professionals, developers, designers, venture capital, and more, to support founders in their day-to-day operations and address other critical business matters.

Startups co-founded by venture studios experience faster growth and deliver better returns to investors. These startups boast an average internal rate of return of 53%, compared to the average for startups not associated with studios, which stands at 21%.

Our Portfolio of Tools for Achieving Results


Our sales professionals are meticulously chosen and boast extensive experience in sales, spanning both B2B and B2C sectors, as well as sponsorship and partnership sales. To execute profitable and efficient sales efforts, we prioritize a genuine belief in the products or services our customers want us to sell.


Marketing is as crucial as sales, and they often go hand in hand. Effective marketing doesn't always have to break the bank. Our team of expert marketers customizes the most cost-effective strategies for your company's promotion. Marketing that not only garners likes but also drives sales.


We understand that development can be costly, especially without a well-thought-out prototype. At Mothership, we ensure you receive assistance in both the creation of new websites, apps, systems, and access to pre-developed solutions at the most competitive prices.


We understand what it's like to be in the founder's shoes.


Fahrim Shirinzade

Brings extensive expertise in marketing, capital acquisition, business development, design, and sales.

Attila Farkas

Offers a wealth of experience in organizational leadership, business development, finance, and sales

You're probably


  • How does Mothership support startups?
    Mothership provides startups with not only funding but also the resources and expertise needed for success. We act as co-founders and actively engage in building and growing ventures.
  • What industries does Mothership specialize in?
    While we possess expertise across various industries, our primary focus areas encompass for year 2023 and 2024 is e-commerce, crypto, real estate and marketing services.
  • How can I become a part of a Mothership venture?
    If you're an entrepreneur with a promising idea or an existing business seeking support, feel free to reach out to us. We're always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate.
  • What sets Mothership apart from traditional accelerators?
    Unlike traditional accelerators, we don't just offer funding and mentorship; we actively participate in the development and growth of startups, providing a comprehensive range of resources and expertise.
  • Can Mothership help me with web development or app creation?
    Absolutely. Mothership offers cost-effective solutions for web development, app creation, and system development. Whether you need a new project or access to pre-developed solutions, we've got you covered.
  • Do I need to have an established business before applying to Mothership?
    Yes, having an existing business is a prerequisite for applying to Mothership.
  • At what stage should my company be before applying to Mothership?
    Ideally, your company should have commenced offering its product or service and have established some form of customer interaction.

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